Monday, 12 May 2014

First Crush

When you were near to me
I only saw you
When you went away
I came to know you
When you came back
I fell in love with you
But now you are far from me
As you are more far
I love you more
Now I am restless
I can't reach you
I see a far glimpse of you
Everyday without your knowledge
If you see me please smile
I love to see your smiling face
This smile had actually opened my heart.

              -- Date xx/xx/2006
              -- Age 16 yrs

Love in the air

I can't believe that you are just mine
I always just wanted to be at your side
Now as you are mine
I wont let you fly
because you are the one who can light up my life
I love your smile
And I love your eyes
I wanted you to just like me as a friend
but why did you love me even when i was so bad ?
I didn't want to love you
but I can't deny,that,
I made you love me
When you were so fine..

                         -- Date xx/xx/2011
                         -- Age 21 yrs

Ashes of love

Were you there, when I needed you by my side
Were you there, when I dream't of you in my mind
I would have held you
I would have carried you
I would have kept you safe in my arms
Don't let me miss you
Don't let me plead to you
Don't let a tear fall on the ground
You don't even know
How much I love you
Way I have seen you
Reason I like you
Why did I fall for you....

                       -- Date xx/xx/2009
                       -- Age 19 yrs