Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Secretly you care

There was a time when I cared about you.
There was a time when I dreamt about you.
I feel like smiling in the sky, when I think about you.
You are the one I care a lot.
There were times when I didn't know how  good you are.
And I was confused if I should even talk.
I even pitied you from inside
But I always faked a smile.
Sooner and later things kept on changing in our lives.
We even loved people even when we were confused.
Sometimes did crazy stuffs together
But always stayed friends.
Secretly I think i liked you even when i loathed at you at times.
Now I know how much you care for me
I thought you were being judgemental
But you were thinking far ahead.
Your love I didn't realize, how dumb am i
You love is mad, maybe just fun
But it still matters a lot to me.
I think i started caring about you secretly
And sometime soon i will make you smile so wide....

age - 25

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