Friday, 18 March 2016

For A Friend

I had a good friend and i would do anything for him
One day we went for a party and i got to meet
some of his friends and her. She was tall , had good
hair, with a good smile, dressed as a queen
I started  off in ma style, being the silent one
she smiled at me and shook ma hand
I took out my talents and she was
in my bag, she was getting too close
I knew that she was finding a good person in me
And that's when I noticed him
That single sight broke ma heart,
I found him, smiling with pain & the reason was me
The next moment i stopped the charm on my self
& gave them some air
I am not sure that how well he could captivate the moment
but they were not bad, i observed from a distance
She knew that i was setting up her for him,
She didn't complaint but still had a eye at times
I enjoyed taking that role, because boys should
be given more preference than girls, that's one of my rules
At last we had to go, still i didn't talk to her
expecting ma friend to take that role too
This is a part of my life


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