Friday, 18 March 2016

His story

Story is based on a guys life, in different age he falls in love with different girls.
but nothing works out well due to weird reasons or because of situations where no one can be blamed for, only 1 gals love was more true to his life, but after even that breaks up he looses his moral values and leads a life where his only desire was to sleep with women, at last he realizes the truth behind his past love failures and get back to his self and meets his true love .

0th gal - cusin
1st gal - school till twelfth std - dies in an accident
2nd gal - college till third year  - she breaks up without giving a reason
3rd gal - college last year - true love - wants to marry but she wants live in relation
4th gal - after college - she was a nun
5th gal - job - live in relation - but she didn't tell him that she was married to someone
After that he goes with many women, looses faith in true love
finally when he comes to know that the 2nd gal had Aids and that was the reason she left him, he meets the 2nd gal and she tells him that the 3rd gal is a widow now, and gives him her address.
he goes to find her (song), on the way he finds the 3rd gal who is divorced now , she regrets what she did and ask him to come back to her. Finally the guy thinks and becomes confused as she seduces him, but then ...


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