Sunday, 4 September 2016


A boy living in USA with a good job. He always wanted to marry an Indian girl, because of the good culture there, when it came time for his marriage, the only girl that came to his mind was his good friend in India, he proposed her, and she n her family also agreed, and after coming to India, he wants to take a blood test for AIDS before getting married to the girl he likes.
The marriage date gets near, he goes for blood test, he also forgot about the blood test results to come, and just 2 days before the marriage call comes and the girl who he was supposed to marry attends the call from his cell phone and hears this message, that he is clear from AIDS..
Now she gets to know that he had lots of fun in USA, now what happens ?? she decides not to marry him and she plays a trick on him, she leaves a message that she got AIDS using a needle of an AIDS guy by mistake from hospital as she is a doctor and she just got the results just now.
And he realizes that what he did in USA was much bad, and he was confused on what to do, finally his mind says to still marry her. And when he tells this decision to her. She forgives him, and tells him the truth. And they get married n lives happy ever after.

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