Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Jose Rizal

Everyday i wake up and i see my loved ones around me.
Most of us struggle each day on our small day to day worries
Lets take a moment to think about a young boy whose thoughts were different from ours
And different from thoughts of other young ones at his time.

His mother taught him alphabets
And those alphabets striked the world later on
He showed his love for the language tagalog when he was just eight
through his poem "Sa Aking Mga Kabata"

He grew up to become outstanding in every area of study and profession.
He could have chosen a wealthy sufficient path of life
But his love for his mother land was above all his comforts and preferences
He was proud of our civilization and culture, and fought for our equality and freedom.

He was not only just a poet or novelist,
he inspired people with action,
He went in between the common people who needed help and even helped construct a dam.
His intelligence and humility gained respect of people around the world

He wasn't gonna stop until he saw freedom of his people and country
His courage and determination resulted in the freedom moment later on
Before he was executed my the Spanish colonial government
his last words were "to die is to rest".
Even though he went to rest in 1896,
It took another 2 years for his soul to rest in peace.
Lets all remember our hero Jose Rizal.
And love our country The Philippines.

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