Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Friendship with this boy

Friendship with this boy 
When I saw you first time 
I never thought I could trust a guy, 
When I felt you care for me, 
Thought you would be in love with me 

But slowly things changed, 
The views did change, 
I came to know I had a friend in him, 
I never said I care for him, 
But we knew that we were born to be friends 

We did have fights, 
we did have sprites, 
We had a great bond in between, 
People thought we were in love 
But we didn't care, 
I was proud that I had a boy who was my best friend 

But then there came a stage where confusion started, 
Rumors started to cause problems in between, 
We had to think a lot when we used to be out, 
Totally was going through a hard phase. 

We both found our partners, 
We both loved them very much, 
But soon again the friendship was doubted, 
We didn't know what to choose 

But I could never leave my friend 
Love can end if 1 days chat goes wrong, 
But friendship remains forever, 
If we expect only the good of the other, 
Without expecting anything in return 

But seasons change and people change 
but 1 thing remained, 
And that's my friend, 
Guy Ek ladka aur ledki friends ho saktha hae

      -- i should start searching for a female pen name, its fun..:)
      -- Date xx/xx/2014
      -- Age 24 yrs

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